Year: 2020

28Jun, 2020

Infrastructure and Cloud Service

Whether you know it or not, you’re already using it. Got a Gmail account? Watch movies on Amazon? Almost everything you can think of can now be delivered via the cloud, and the reasons are pretty simple: it’s cost-effective, it’s reliable, it works. Of course, for a business the requirements are a little more complex […]

28Jun, 2020

IT Project & Consultancy

It could be that your network has grown substantially over the years and it needs consolidating or simply mapping properly. It could be that you are planning a new CRM, ERP or BI solution and want some expert advice. Perhaps you’re in need of a strategic IT roadmap to help meet your commercial or operational […]

28Jun, 2020

About lawtrust digitals

Lawtrust Digitals has revolutionised the way IT providers operate by becoming the first employee-owned Managed Service Provider in Nigeria. Innovative and customer-focused, Lawtrust Digitals install, maintain and support essential business technology for successful organisations throughout the Nigeria.  We live and breathe our core values, and it’s our goal to make life with technology easier for […]

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