How To Know Your Career Isn’t For You In Five Steps

22Apr, 2021

Not being happy at your job can be due to many things, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make a career change. Don’t make any hasty decisions and do your research first. You can follow these steps to help you understand if your career isn’t for you.

Step 1 – Are You Engaged at Work?

Ask yourself this question to try and figure out if you are putting all you got into your work. Thirty-two percent of US employees are engaged in their work, but the rest, 68 percent, isn’t. It is a considerable amount, and the sources of disengagement can be a lack of motivation, not enough compensation, disinterest in the current career, and many more.

Be truthful when answering this question because it is the first step to knowing if your career isn’t for you. You can then follow the steps below to dive into the idea further. It can also happen that you feel like you are engaged because you put real effort into your tasks. But, are you really passionate about your position? Do you really care about what you do at work?

Step 2 – Look Into Yourself

If you are considering your career isn’t for you, you probably have been thinking about it for a while. The first step is to look into yourself to identify what has brought these ideas to the front. A bad day, week, or a few months at work can be caused by many sources, and it may not mean your career isn’t for you.

You should do some deep introspection to pinpoint what exactly is wrong. Also, you can try out looking for another job. The lack of motivation and engagement may be due to the company and not the career. For example, if you are a front end developer and start to feel burnout from work, this may mean the current position is too stressful. And if you find another more relaxed position, you will still like your career. 

Step 3 – How Do You Imagine Your Future?

The next step is to ask yourself these questions: How do you imagine your future? Do you imagine yourself having a more relaxed lifestyle or being in a managerial position? Do you want to have your own business, or you want to continue working for others? These answers will help you understand better if your current career will allow you to have what you want.

If you look to the common career ladder in your current profession and you don’t look forward to the following steps, that is probably a sign that your career isn’t for you. To clarify, if you look at your boss’s position or your boss’s boss, and you only feel like you will be more miserable, then you should start considering a career change.  

Step 4 – Are You Researching Other Careers?

If you find yourself researching other career paths during the day, then that is probably another step into realizing your career isn’t for you. When you spend hours daydreaming about an escape plan, that is a clear plan that you want something to change. 

Looking into other career paths and being interested can be a one-time thing if you had a bad day at work. But you should dive deep into how it will really be like. What will you need to do to change careers? How will you get the qualifications (it can be online courses or coding bootcamps), and how much money will it cost?

When you know everything you’ll need and how hard or easy the changing process is, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Step 5 – Make a Decision

After answering all these questions and understanding how you feel and the source of your lack of motivation, you can finally make a decision. Stop staying at a job you hate because of the money, fear, or social pressure. The sooner you start the transition, the sooner you will be in a job that makes you feel satisfied. 

You can also instead decide that you do love your career and that you only need to work for a different company or improve your relationships with your coworkers. Remember that making the decision is the first step in making a career change. Write a resignation letter and make a change now.

In Summary

You can follow these steps to know if your career isn’t for you. But even if you don’t identify with everything mentioned in this article, only a few will be enough to help you realize your career isn’t for you. Make a decision, and remember you have different options to learn any skill you need, like an online course or coding bootcamps schools.

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