Your Website is Your Second Sign Post!!!!

15Apr, 2021

A friend of mine put a call through to check up a school website. After a few analysis i was forced to resolve that the website is the schools`s second signpost. 

The following are the logic behind my submission:

Freebie – Most schools website are freebies from most technology providers. This is one of the fundamental business model from companies selling school portals. The website is usually basic with little or no intention to let school actualize the enormous benefit of internet presence – borderless reach. Most signposts are limited in reach and mostly donated by old student associations or PTA.

Poor Storytelling – Most school owners fail to understand that they do purely B2C business. Your communications should be about benefits and value proposition. Those freebies dont contain well crafted messages to portray that. it is mainly informational

Absence of SEO – The highest benefit to derive from owing a website, is to be reached organically whenever users search for keyword related to your business. E,g schools in Surulere or Port Harcourt. The inability to appear in first 3 pages of search result has undermined the existence of your website.

Poor Design – Most free website have poor designs, they rarely deliver the “first impression” that establishes the emotional connection with the visitors. This is the magic wand that attract customers to businesses. The list is endless….I will be coming up with various web strategies schools or Business Owners can deploy to boost their web presence and to be reached organically in search result. The potency of this techniques have established our presence in 3 countries across the globe. 

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